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Does your Website look good on a Smaller Screen? Are you in Compliance with Private Policy and Cookie Laws? Do you actually Need a Website?

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Choose the Package BEST for Your Budget!

Our plans are designed specifically to put your mind at ease. Choose full service or à la carte. Choose only what you need.


Brand Focused Design. We design with your brand in mind.
Design is visual… and visually your brand must convey a message, promote an action, and deliver a valued experience.
Design that understands Brand makes this manageable.

Hourly Design

$ 75 Per Hour
  • 17 years of Experience
  • Distinguished in the Adobe Suite
  • Optional Live Design

Flat Rate

$ 100 starting rate
  • Custom Logos
  • Flyers
  • Social Banners
  • Business Cards etc

Unlimited Design

$ 300 per month
  • Unlimited Designs
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • No commitment
  • Cancel Anytime


Then there’s Web, also visual but technical requires an amount of Marketing to be considered for it to be effective.
[Meaning you get a return on your investment] Web that understands Marketing makes this manageable.

To Begin

$ 350 Then Choose...
  • Monthly
  • Annual
  • 24 months


$ 100 per month


$ 900 per year

24 Month

$ 1500 2 years


Digital marketing is the new “ Word of Mouth” and using it effectively means dictating a clear action and a follow through with strong content.
Marketing that understands Brand Identity makes this manageable.

Jump Start

$ 300 to start
  • Monthly Costs
  • 15 Account Listings
  • Reviews
  • Social
  • Text and Emailing

Sales Funnel

$ 500 to Start
  • Monthly Costs

What Others are saying

I am beyond blown away and extremely satisfied at the branding services we have received from Bryan Liggons ...this brother is a life saver for my business..please do yourselves a favor and get his services, I'm in tears over his work.
Koshana Jones
Black Economics 1 On 1
Thank you Bryan Liggons! I and we could not be happier with the patience, knowledge and no nonsense approach you took towards creating our vision.
Kevin Lorah
D#*$ Bryan! You have completely blown me away. My gratitude holds no bounds for you. Thank you!!!
Kye Sterner
Thank bro you the best learning a lot from you stay blessed
Robert Pennebaker
Lady Js Lemonade
Thanks Bryan. I was nervous to use someone new but you made the new experience worth wild. What I notice with working with you is you gave me a deadline, a good price, and updates on progress. I will be back soon. Thanks again!
Xavier Owens
Creative House of Detroit
The designs are tight... you're doing great work
Daniel Dipiazza
Rich20Something | Alpha Mentorship